Aerial PhotographyAt Forest Solutions, we know the forest ecosystem. To manage our temperate forests effectively, monitoring provides the baseline data and information required to make informed decisions. Monitoring directs later action, prepares us for change and indicates when is the correct time to respond. It can help us to detect and forecast ecosystem processes that support management objectives into the future.

Monitoring requires sound scientific method and an understanding of sampling design and limitations. Staff and associates of Forest Solutions have the experience to fulfil this criteria.

Forest Solutions can assist with many forms of monitoring, but these are a few example scenarios:

At our disposal is a range of tools the we have developed for over 40 person years. Of particular relevance is the forest measurement and Rapid Response techniques developed over the last decade, resulting from three major catastrophic fires in SE Australia. These techniques provide Solutions to your monitoring needs, and can be linked to other programs of monitoring such as fauna surveys and hydrological assessments. Please call us to discuss.

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