leaves_1801Forest Solutions has been consulted by VicForests to undertake its Annual District Silviculture Review (ADSR) for north Central Highlands in 2006/07 and 2007/08. VicForests harvested over 1,000 ha of native forest in NE Victoria over the period reviewed, and it is their legal responsibility and stated mission of sustainability to regenerate harvested areas using proven silvicultural techniques. However, every season is different, and forests vary in structure between localities; both often dictating innovative silvicultural strategies. VicForests does this very well.

Forests Solutions has assisted VicForests by reviewing their strategies, observing what worked and what could be improved, and supporting their ongoing review-and-improvement processes. Such a commitment to improvement has assured that VicForests constantly increases their regeneration success and helps maintain their Australian Forestry Standard certification.

 The ADSR report recognises the performance of VicForests throughout the period of recent, long-term drought, only just ending in 2009. It also provided specific technical and scientific advice regarding systems and processes required to improve the management of such complex ecosystems.