27/10/2009 - Forest Solutions assists DSE with Backlog regeneration


DSE_API_2501The Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) remains responsible for the regeneration of areas of State forest harvested  prior to August 2004, after which VicForests took responsibility for this in Eastern Victoria.  Prior to 2004 DSE had a commendable record of regeneration success, with  82% to 91% of area satisfactorily stocked (at the first attempt) since 1990. However, a small annual area of unregenerated forest has left DSE with a significant accumulated "backlog"  requiring rehabilitation.

 To help assess the current stocking status of such coupes in North East Victoria, Forest Solutions has used low-cost  aerial photography and specialist photo interpretation. Outcomes were very positive, indicating that 85% of the assessed area is already regenerated to a minimum standard. Forest Solutions believes this form of remote assessment could be developed and used into the future, resulting in cost savings and lower OH&S risk compared with ground surveys.