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Ecological Thinning - a tool to assist recovery of forest biodiversity values. Trust For Nature seeks guidence from Forest Solutions to implement ecological thinning in out-of-reserve Box-Ironbark in Victoria.

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Trust For Nature

  • TFNBring long-established Forestry experience to the practice of Ecological Thinning.
  • Provide technical and scientific guidance for thinning Victoria's out-of-reserve Box Ironbark Forests for biodiversity values.
  • Instruct landowners and TFN Coordinators with the measurement and assessment of forest structures intended for Ecological Thinning



Vic Forests

  • logovicforestMajor client for Silviculture
  • Post-2009 fire Salvage Program, Central Highlands (CH) Region
  • Seed Management Projects, CH Region
  • Regeneration monitoring program, East Gippsland (EG) Region
  • Annual District Silviculture Reviews – both CH and EG Regions
  • Specialist training programs – both CH and EG Regions
  • Aerial Services, API and observational – both CH and EG Regions.
  • Investigations, inc AA seed maturity issues, CH Regions
  • Monitoring eucalypt establishment following salvage harvesting
  • Flower and seed forecasting for Alpine and Mountain Ash species

HVP Plantations

  • Forest Recovery 2009, technical sowing advise, HVP Plantations, Gippsland Division
  • Cores and Links Agreement, HVP Plantations, Gippsland Division
  • Seed collection advise to assist regeneration of Strzeleki native forestsHVP



Department of Sustainability And Environment

  • Forest Recovery Program 2009, Land and Fire Management Division
  • Ferguson Report, specialist contribution in seed management, Land and Fire Management Division
  • Backlog Regeneration Project, Land and Fire Services, NE Area
  • Native Forest Silviculture Guideline Revision, Land and Fire Management Division
  • Forest Recovery Guideline NFSG No. 17, Specialist contribution, Land and Fire Management Division
  • Review of NFSG No. 1, "Seedcrop Monitoring and Assessment"
  • Practitioner specialist support for forest regeneration and bushfire recovery, Land and Fire Division

P O Farm Forestry Services

  • Training and Accreditation, floral component sampling and analysis
  • Now Major partner, operational services


  • forestech_banner-web Providing technical advice and training regarding seed management.
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