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Native Forest HarvestingForest Managers today need access to a high level of knowledge and expertise. Forests can be manipulated to achieve certain management objectives, but this requires experience, knowledge, and confidence. Ecosystems are complex and can respond unpredictably. Today, there are very few foresters or ecologists left with extended experience in applied native forest Silviculture; especially with a forest research background. At Forest Solutions we have that history - and therefore the confidence, knowledge and experience to assist you.

Our specialty is regenerating native forests - and gathering the spectrum of information required to achieve this. Whether it is for commercial forests following harvesting, State forest following bushfire, or rehabilitating degraded forest in reserves such as National Parks. The latter is known as Restoration Silviculture, and it's becoming an increasingly important component of Park management in other parts of the World. We can also assist with forest conversion; from an exotic species such as Radiata Pine or other plantation - back to native forest, or for the reclamation and restoration of other degraded forest communities such as Red Gum forest along the Murray. Our staff are experienced with the development of silvicultural systems required to regenerate forests.

Our strength is the ability to first plan, developing the critical elements of your project, then executing them in logical sequence. We also base our decisions, actions and advise on the concepts of applied ecology; first understanding the forest ecosystem we are dealing with, the risks and uncertainties confronting those forests, then using or manipulating known ecological processes to achieve our intended outcome(s). And we have a history of success in doing this.

We are well-positioned to undertake field-based research and investigation. Human interactions with forests often confuse and raise unanswered questions: questions that require answers before further progress can be made. At Forest Solutions we have the capacity to undertake field-based silvicultural research - be it for commercial, ecological or biodiversity outcomes.

Recommendations resulting from our investigations are based in the principals of objective measurement, minimisation of uncontrollable risks, efficient resource use, science-based silviculture strategy, and effective communication.

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