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Ecological Thinning - a tool to assist recovery of forest biodiversity values. Trust For Nature seeks guidence from Forest Solutions to implement ecological thinning in out-of-reserve Box-Ironbark in Victoria.

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TallAshGenNayook_smlForest Solutions is able to offer you a range of specialist skills; within a research, investigative, training, specialist-advisory, damage assessment, forest measurement, silviculture, or other eco-interpretative capacity. With assistance from our associates at P&O Farm/Forestry Services we have a sound operational capacity to match our scientific and technical capabilities. We can build various field-team configurations to suit your needs.

Undertaking science-based projects and producing scientific and technical reports/guidelines is a major capacity. Owen Bassett is our Principal Consultant and uses his writing skills to document and provide recommendations for projects we undertake. Owen brings with him valuable networks, with contacts in various organisations such as Universities, CSIRO, DSE, VicForests, Forestry Tasmania, and the IFA family of foresters (Institute of Foresters of Australia). These networks effectively expand our capacity and provide an avenue for increased input and a peer-review to ensure you receive sound advice.

Our capacity includes a robust field forest-based capability. We are equipped to travel into any forest with appropriate authorisations, regardless of terrain or remoteness. If needed, we can camp out for up to two weeks at a time, enabling efficient use of time and resources. Communications and remote first aid is a high OH&S priority.

We also have a valuable capacity for aerial work. Staff at Forest Solutions have developed long-term links to air-service providers such as ex-RAAF pilot Ron Walpole of HAA, David Empy of Paton Air helicopters, and aero-clubs such as Wangaratta (NE) and Latrobe (Gippsland). Many tasks are better undertaken remotely from the air, enabling a fast turn-around of information, lower OH&S risks, lower cost, and the capture of remotely-sensed data. We are one of the few private providers of 3D stereo analysis for Aerial Photo Interpretation (API). We also have and aerial photo acquisition capacity at the simpler and lower cost end of the spectrum. We believe in the appropriate use of adequate technology. With growth will come an increased capacity for the acquisition of higher-end remotely sensed data that would have increased applications if needed.

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