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Home News 25/11/2010 – Ecological Thinning for biodiversity

25/11/2010 – Ecological Thinning for biodiversity


White_Box01Box-Ironbark forests are a very special habitat that is particularly under threat in Victoria. No or little undisturbed Box-Ironbark remains today, and Trust For Nature (TFN) is on a mission to enhance the biodiversity of as many privately owned forests as possible. They achieve this through a system of conservation covenants with willing landowners. Many Box-Ironbark forests are today overstocked with regrowth following multiple disturbances. Thinning that regrowth has the potential to restore growth rates and woodland forest structures that support a more complex and heterogeneous biodiversity. Thinning also increases woody debris, which enhances forest-floor habitats.

Forest Solutions has been commissioned by TFN to undertake a review and provide technical guidance for ecological thinning. Thinning is a complex process, and knowing and understanding forest structure is critical for achieving thinning objectives. Forest Solutions Director, Owen Bassett, is delighted to be assisting such a worthy project. "Bringing some balance back to Box-Ironbark and perhaps attempting to replicate pre-European forest structures at the landscape level is exciting with potentially some big biodiversity rewards", he said. Landowners can contact Forest Solutions for assistance with ecological thinning, who can plan, educate and implement such a program.
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