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Ecological Thinning - a tool to assist recovery of forest biodiversity values. Trust For Nature seeks guidence from Forest Solutions to implement ecological thinning in out-of-reserve Box-Ironbark in Victoria.

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Home News 12/07/2010 – Site preparation investigations

12/07/2010 – Site preparation investigations



In the early 2000s,  the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) aimed to investigate alternative techniques designed to produce improved regeneration outcomes following timber harvesting; one of these was the preparation of a receptive seedbed prior to harvesting, rather than after harvesting (the usual process).

DSE commissioned the Department of Forest and Ecosystem Science at Melbourne University to undertake the research, and Forest Solutions has assisted with the finalisation of reporting and interpretation of operational implications. The findings of this project will lead to additional options for site preparation during forest regeneration.

A DSE Officer is pictured here standing in 10 year old eucalypt regrowth which has established following gap selection.

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