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Seed Crop AssessmentIt is through training that Forest Solutions believes we can have a real positive cultural, technical and scientific impact on your organisation. Having skilled staff is central to your success. Of course long experience cannot be "down-loaded", but we can provide the basic framework of technical and scientific knowledge that your staff need to manage forests; be it for reservation, production or other ecosystem services.

Our Director, Owen Bassett, is also our principal training provider, supported by Jenny for the development of training aids and learning outcomes. Jenny is a qualified teacher. Owen is an accredited workplace assessor, so can also provide assessments for specific accreditations in silviculture. He is himself accredited to FAFPES (National) standard in nine discipline areas of forest ecology and silviculture.

We have associations with specialist training providers for organisational health (Steven Healey Consulting Pty Ltd, Canberra) and also train the trainer type accreditations (bcSmallbiz Consulting, Melbourne). Consequently we can assist you to develop training packages that span the full spectrum of organisational requirements, both for cultural needs and technical.

Staff and associates at Forest Solutions believe in "human capacity with care". Your staff need to be productive and confident, but not at the expense of life balance and happiness. We offer you a mentoring program to achieve this, and for some scenarios this can be at no extra charge. We'd be delighted to provide follow-up support for developing staff that we train, meet with them and assist with their growth, and council them on cultural and career issues related to working in the environmental sector. If required, our associates can assist with a larger program that links technical training with team and organisational development.

We invite you to contact us and chat about your training and mentoring needs.

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