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Home News 16/10/2010 – Forest Solutions joins in the celebrations

16/10/2010 – Forest Solutions joins in the celebrations


Centenary01Melbourne University recently celebrated 100 years of forestry education at their Centenary of Forestry Education. And Forest Solutions attended in recognition of the University's role in educating and developing many of the skills that are used today when managing Victoria's native forests. Forest Solutions Director, Owen Bassett, attended 'The Future of Forestry and Forest Science Conference' in late September and reports, "Never before has the importance of social sciences been so well represented at such a conference -  usually focused more on the science of forests. Foresters today are becoming more aware of the need to connect people with forests and the management of them."

Celebrations peaked at the Centenary dinner, which took place at the Novotel Forest Resort in Creswick. Melbourne University's School of Forestry at Creswick has been educating Foresters now for over 100 years, and today offers the increasingly popular Master of Forest Ecosystem Science.

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