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Home News 22/06/2010 – Cores & Links at HVP

22/06/2010 – Cores & Links at HVP


Cores_250Forest Solutions has just finalised the development of an assessment procedure for HVP. The procedure assesses the density and stocking of eucalypts and understorey vegetation for three EVCs common to the Strzelecki Range in South Gippsland. HVP and DSE have signed a formal agreement for the formation of a special 8,600 ha Strzelecki reserve, known as "Cores & Links". The reserve contributes to a strategic linear link of habitat and important EVC communities throughout HVPs area of operation in the Strzelecki Range.

Part of that agreement allows HVP to first harvest some plantation Mountain Ash, planted in the 1960's, from about 1,500 ha of the Reserve. HVP will regenerate this area to an agreed Regeneration Standard. The independent procedure developed by Forest Solutions assesses the success of HVP regeneration operations, and is the tool for HVP to demonstrate compliance. Forest Solutions has also trained a local Contractor, Hazelwood Forestry, to undertake the assessments, and will assist HVP with the analysis, reporting and ongoing negotiations with DSE.

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