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Ecological Thinning - a tool to assist recovery of forest biodiversity values. Trust For Nature seeks guidence from Forest Solutions to implement ecological thinning in out-of-reserve Box-Ironbark in Victoria.

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Home News 22/10/2010 – Eucalypts begin their spring germination

22/10/2010 – Eucalypts begin their spring germination


Germinant01Eucalypts have begun their Spring germination in Victoria's state forests. And the recent drought breaking rains have assisted this process. It is hard to believe, but Victoria's iconic Alpine Ash forests, which stand typically at 40-60 meters tall, and can grow to 80+ meters, start their life at only 5 mm tall!

Forest Solutions has begun  monitoring eucalypt germination for VicForests, the government owned enterprise responsible for the harvesting and sale of timber from Victoria's native forests. VicForests regenerates all area harvested, handing back these areas into DSE stewardship following their establishment. Monitoring their progress is vital, and Forest Solutions is watching over the progress of a sample of individuals across Gippsland for the first 12 months of their life. Collected data will assist VicForests to ensure these harvested areas are rehabilitated to the required standards.

Regeneration is the final, mandatory step in the cyclic process of utilising Victoria's unique and beautiful timbers.
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