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Forest Solutions is committed to Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) as our highest priority.

To ensure our safety, we abide by the direction of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (WorkSafe 2005) and the guidelines given within a range Job Safety Analysis (JSAs) from our own organisation, and those provided by key clients such as VicForests, DSE and HVP. We have access to a broad range of JSAs; covering all aspects of our foot-based and forest driving operations.

On site Hazard Assessments are undertaken daily when in the field, designed to identify any potential hazard and nominate and adopt control measures to minimise risk.

Staff and contractor movement is tracked daily, especially for those working alone. A significant component of this is access to suitable communication, such as UHF radio, trunking system radios, mobile phones, and phone reports with location and intentions.

Forest Solutions adopts special OH&S measures for aerial operations; adhering strictly to DSEs Air Operations Manual. Aviation SAR times and Flight Following with the client organisation form the central structure of the safety system. Forest Solutions only deals with aerial providers that have been registered and approved for operations by DSE's State Air Desk.

Forest Solutions is committed to Incident Reporting for all clients. Near miss and actual incident data assists with the development of future control measures, having positive implications for all personnel into the future.

Forest Solutions' staff and associates are covered by WorkCover Insurance.

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