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Cameron Paterson

Cam_200Principal Contractor P&O, and Operations Manager for Forest Solutions

Cameron Paterson is the Principal Contractor and Partner of P&O Farm Forestry Services. During 2009, to increase its operational capacity, Forest Solutions developed a strong alliance with P&O. That alliance remains strong today, and Cam acts as Operations manager for Forest Solutions.

Cam has an impressive track record for providing timely operational services in all combinations of conditions and timeframes. His work ethic is underpinned by diligence and integrity. At one end of his skills-spectrum Cam is a natural bushman, with essential navigation and forest trekking skills for rugged forest work. This is complimented by Cam's understanding of research technique for which he undertakes fine field measurements and intricate lab analysis of small forest components when required.

Cam is an experienced and trained 4WD operator with over 25 years experience travelling mountain and forest environments in SE Australia. His vehicle is fully equipped for remote travel and retrieval, and he is willing to travel anywhere in Australia to fulfil his objectives.

He is a trained aerial observer, and his personal physiology enables him to withstand heavy air work in light aircraft for mountain contour work and high altitude aerial photography.

Cam is a competent Aerial Photo interpreter (API) and frequently uses the full spectrum of civilian technology currently available in Australia; from manual use of stereoscope with print photography to complex, high resolution API on Planar stereo, 3D screen-based systems. He currently has contracts with DSE and recently completed a major API project in NSW with the Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water.

Cam uses GIS skills for API and is currently developing GIS skills for map production. He has used ArcGIS 3.2 & 9.3 and GeoVis. He is also experienced with Stereo-Analyst; the bridging software between the 3D Planar system and ArcGIS 9.3.

A summary of his experience includes forest measurement and sampling, data collection for R&D, aerial photo interpretation, aerial observation and photography, seed collection, tree planting, vegetation assessments, technical laboratory analysis, field-based training, and the application of current OH&S legislated requirements.

Cam's involvement enables Forest Solutions to undertake field-based operations that will support and compliment Owen's specialist skills, and support the collection of data for field-based research, development, assessment and monitoring.

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